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What our customers have to say about

MoonShine Car Care Products

All of us here at MoonShine sincerely Thank you for your interest in our line of Extraordinary Car Care Products. We would love to hear about your thoughts, experiences and see your car. Please send us your testimonial along with pictures if you can. Please include your name, city and state to;

To all of our customers, Thank you, we appreciate the opportunity to earn your confidence.

Hello there,

My husband and I met you guys at the Barrett Jackson auto auction in January 2016. I see people at events all the time talk about how great their products are and then I see the price tag and I decide to stick with the Meguiars from the auto parts store. I have to admit at first I was hesitant to try your product and then when you told me the price, I figured I couldn't afford to not try it. I honestly have to say, thank the car gods that I gave your products a try. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the products I purchased, and cannot wait to buy more. First I have to brag about how easy your products are. With the Meguiars I would spend all day washing, and waxing and then would be too tired to spend time on the interior. With Moonshine the product does the work for me I just have to listen to my music and caress the car.  I cannot believe how easy this stuff is to use, and I don't have sore elbows and shoulders when I'm done. I also have to make sure I comment on how good this stuff smells. The aroma just adds to the pleasure of using this product and when I get done and go back out to my garage it smells like a spa for cars. It may sound crazy but I actually look forward to my car getting slightly dirty just so I can use Moonshine. Now that I have Moonshine and it does the work for me I have time to work on my interior, which means I now have a reason to go to the Moonshine website and do some shopping. Thank you, thank you, thank you both for taking the time to talk to my husband and I, and for being good sales people. I never knew one could be so in love with a car care product.

Stacy C.  Avondale, AZ

David,  We met in Pleasanton and I am very happy we did. As I mentioned in our meeting, I was very skeptical about buying your products as I had a garage full of other brands and they all seem about the same. Well Sandi and you were very convincing and I must admit your products live up to and surpass every claim you made. In fact after Detailing this HELLCAT I was so impressed with how easy your products were to use and the results were like nothing I have experienced from other products. I am so completely sold on your products that I went around my garage and put every bottle of all the other brands in a paper bag, walked them down the street and gave them all to the neighbor kid to use on his car. Thanks so much, and I am so glad I listened to the both of you.

Vince F.  Pleasanton, CA


This picture shows a nice MoonShine Wax shine on this old hot rod. Also I saw a picture of my ugly buddy Jeff in your newsletter so with that said I know you need pictures!.....Larry. Since Jeff has been driving the VW, my new name for him is Herbie. Thanks for introducing me to your products and always having the time to talk with me.

Larry M.

Tucson, AZ

I started using MoonShine products in November of 2013 and very quickly realized what great products they are. As a professional Detailer of 26 years and owner of “Details”, when I come across a line of products that saves me time, is a pleasure to use and provides great results, I am on board! I don’t have to work any of these products, they work for me and as a bonus, earn me client praise. Dave is personally around to answer my questions and usually ships my orders the same day. Now what could be better than that?

I maintain large private collections in the Scottsdale area and I am under agreement with the RM Auction house to maintain the surface appearances of all the cars going on the block at all three RM Auctions in the US. When you are maintaining that many very high dollar cars for that many demanding clients, including babysitting the 25 million dollar Ferrari NART, my guys and I don’t have time to fight with hard to use, poor performing chemicals. I think MoonShine is tops and I am very happy to say I use MoonShine Car Care Products.

Robert K.

Phoenix, AZ


Serious blinding refection thanks to MoonShine MOON-GLO Detailer ...... Killer product!

Patsy & Jeff

Tucson, AZ

Waxing this car with your wax is so easy, there is a lot of sheet metal to cover but the end result is plain to see… Thank You for a great product.

Tom R.
Bakersfield, CA.



Here is a couple pictures of my cars.Your products are the best I have ever used on any of my cars. I highly recommend them!

Jim C.

Livonia, MI

  Good day David,
Marty McBride here from the Tucson AZ. Porsche Club of America Southern Arizona Region.  As you know, we had our Cinco de Mayo Concours this weekend.  I prepped my car using your clay, your new Polymer surface cleaning bar and your detailer.  I took a first place in Wash and Shine which amazed me because I am not used to the Porsche level of detail used in judging.  I credit part of that success to your products.
But where your products really shine is after all the driving is done and it’s time to clean up the road trash a car picks up.  I have used many detail sprays from the big and small companies through the years.  They all do a great job, as does your detail spray.  Where your detail spray really SHINES is the speed and ease of use.  On all the others I had to let them sit a while then use a fingernail to get the really baked on bug guts off.  Not yours, the bug guts seem to almost dissolve before your eyes and any that are really tough will come off easily using a microfiber towel.  And I can use much less of your product to get the same job done.  That is a win-win in my book.  Easier and faster to use and savings to boot.
So thank you for a product that really does live up to the advertisin
g.  As I use up my store of other car care products, I will be replacing them with your MoonShine products.

Hi David: Jim Goldschmidt here. I was the builder of the 70 olds 442 at Good Guys. Here is a large photo of the 442. Since Al Fierro, the owner of the car won the SLICK 60 award the car has appeared on 2 different websites and I have sent photos to 2 magazines. MOONSHINE is all I will ever use from this day forward. Thanks again David. 
Jim G.
O'Fallon, MO

I don't know if you remember me, but I won an assortment of your product a couple years ago and you asked me my opinion of the products. At that time my opinions were mixed and I wasn't really excited about most of it. I have to apologize for that, I have since used your products more and they are VERY good. I never used the Carnauba wax until about 2 months ago, I now use nothing but on my Mopar and my daily drivers, it's unreal. Your tire dressing is the best I've ever used and have ordered more of that in the past. The interior cleaner actually removed magic marker from a seat. I'm now starting to use MOON-GlO along with the Carnauba wax and it also seems to extend the life of the wax. I guess what I'm saying is I sold myself on your products (not that I didn't believe you) :-).......see you at Good-guys in Scottsdale!!
Cal S.
New Ulm, MN

David: Thanks so much for the great products. I really like all the products I received. They really enhance the beauty of my truck. I especially like the MoonShine Tire Dressing. It does not splatter after driving and it looks great. I was so tired of that other stuff getting all over the place including on me. Your Tire Dressing is perfect. It is so good I am using it for other things other than my tires.
Paul K.
Plainfield, IL

Thank you again for the car care kit. I won the kit at the NSRA East. I really like the shine and how easy the wax is to apply and remove. Even the other products are great. I have not used the clay yet but I am sure I will like the results and be as pleased as the other products that I have used.
Thank you,

Donnie S.
Felton, PA

We started using MoonShine products about a year ago. Their products are so easy to use and the finish I get makes my four cars look better than they did when they were new. We will never use anything but MoonShine ever again.

Wayne & Cindy L.

Tucson, AZ

Hi Guys
I met you at the Del Mar Good Guys car show a couple weeks ago and purchased your Carnauba products. All I have to say is "WOW" what a product! My hobby of buying, restoring and re-selling Harleys has hit a new level, the results after using your products has been amazing. The easy of application is wonderful; the lack of hazing and easy of removal is something I have been looking for for many years. It's refreshing to buy a product that actually works as advertised and again the depth of shine and end results are phenomenal!

Thanks for the great product and thanks for your honestly -

P.S. - You need a bigger booth! Your product blows away Maguire’s!, and they showed up with a tractor trailer!

Robert C.

Chula Vista. Ca


Having inherited my late father's original 1950 Mercury Coupe a couple of years ago (not that many original 1950 Mercury coupes are left out there!), I baby this family heirloom like nobody's business. Having been introduced to you and your products nearly two years ago at the Little Anthony's Diner Car Show, I purchased the Contours Pre-Wax Cleaner, Contours Carnauba Car Wax and MOON-GLO Detail Spray.
I must say that your products have ABSOLUTELY NO EQUAL! In particular, I have never used such a high quality, easy to apply Car Wax as yours; the Contours Carnauba Car Wax glides on and off effortlessly and what an incredible DEEP and LONG-LASTING SHINE. It makes my 60 year old paint job look factory new; and it takes only about 30 minutes to wax the entire 19.2 feet of her! 
I ENTHUSIASTICALLY recommend your products wherever I go; I wish you and your company much continued success!
Christopher R. 
Tucson, AZ


I have to tell you how pleased I am with your car wax system. I have used many products on my cars over the years, but this is by far the best and easiest to use. I waxed my wife's Mazda speed3 this weekend and WOW! Did that red paint pop. Follow the directions for a great shine is no lie, her car looks great. I then had to wax my son's truck, my truck and Friday will wax my mustang GT for a show this weekend. Needless to say I am very pleased with your products and will do my best to spread the word around. 
Roy Keller 
Oro Valley, AZ

What a Shine!

I was one of the lucky prize winners at the Goodguys event in Rhinebeck, NY (East Coast Nationals). I won your Moonshine Car Care products package. I've attached pictures of my 3 street rods. I have used your products and I was amazed how well they work. I can't believe how easy the Carnauba Wax goes on and comes off, and what a shine. I waxed the massive 37 Buick sedan in just over an hour. All of your products are top shelf. I've used many products over the past 40 years and yours are some of the best.

Bill Roberge 
Wells, Maine

Monkey See—Monkey Do

Thought you may enjoy this for your Testimonials Section.
While cleaning up the family vehicles last week end, I looked in the garage to find my oldest son following my footsteps. Always use the best tool for the job son.
Mike B
Goodyear, AZ

"My New Favorite Wax"

Just a quick not about your product. Your Carnauba Wax was VERY easy to apply and remove. I used a very minimal amount of product with awesome results. Very deep gloss and no "ghosting" or streaking. You can see the reflections off the paint in the pictures!! I have used dozens of different final finish waxes and this one is my new favorite! I will surely pass the good word about your products to all my car enthusiast friends.

"Need I Say More?"

Just Look at Her—Need I Say More?
Tucson, AZ

Deep Mirror Finish

I tried your products for the first time. I own a 2004 Corvette. Black in color. I'm very particular on what I use on the paint. I used the Pre wax first followed by the Carnauba wax. I got to say it was the easiest wax I have ever used. The end result was a deep mirror like shine. I will be a return customer.
John T.
Hamilton, Ohio

Smooth CLK 500

Dave, used your products on my CLK 500 and wanted you to know how impressed I was. When I finished, the paint was so smooth I couldn't leave my rag on the hood, it kept sliding off. Thanks again for the great product.
Tucson, Arizona

Wow! MoonShine

Crystal clear Reflections and Depth. Huge results with so little effort. I am super particular about my truck, to the point of being obsessed with its appearance. The combination of Carnauba Wax, Pre-Wax and Moon-Glo provide the most stunning look and feel of any products I've ever used. The results are simply outstanding. I won't use anything else from now on. Thank you MoonShine you're the best.
Tucson, AZ

MoonShine Bitten

Thanks MoonShine. Plain and simple your products perform like none I have used in the past, and I have used some of the best. The results on my Cobra speak for themselves. I don't give out recommendations easily; however I can honestly give MoonShine Products a big "10"
Tucson, AZ

MoonShine and Cadillacs

My Eldorado was painted in 1976 in Detroit, yes its original paint. I am using the MoonShine Products and that 33 year old paint just jumped to life again. I can recommend these products to all who want to keep their vehicles looking factory fresh. Believe me these products will amaze you.
Leroy & Pat
Tucson, Arizona

1968 GTO Looks Awesome

I used MoonShine Car Wash, Pre-Wax Cleanser and Wax for the first time on my 1968 Pontiac GTO as well as my daily driver in the same day. I was very pleased with the products. The detailed instructions provided with the package were very easy to use. The products went on with ease and it really brought out the shine of the paint and brought out the color and it looks like you are looking in a mirror.
I have used other products in the past, but I must say MoonShine Products are the best by far. I highly recommend these products for your Classic Car as well as your daily driver. They will bring out the shine of the paint job and have your car looking like it did when it left the show room floor.
Vail, Arizona

MoonShine Forever

The Products from Moonshine are absolutely the best car care products I have ever used ! The level of Detail these products bring out of your vehicle are second to none ! I have used what I thought were the best waxes and detailers for years, but they couldn't come close to what the MoonShine Wax and Detailers can do. Anyone who takes pride in their vehicles should use MoonShine and nothing else ! I will use nothing but MoonShine ever again ! Thanks Dave !!
Tucson, AZ