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impromptu images taken at various events and gatherings of the hobby.
As you might expect—you are liable to find most anything when you hang
around car people. Some of the best times with the best people you can have!
The Copperstate 1000 Road Rally and Field of Dreams Cruise In
This is with out a doubt one of the very best orchestrated events MoonShine participates in all year long. We are very proud and honored to be an event sponsor.
Day # 1 Saturday is the events check in and pick up your drivers package day. It also was very wet. Not the normal kind of weather we enjoy here in Arizona. It really hurt all of us to off load these priceless collectables into the rain. Staging the cars on to the baseball field was out of the question for Saturday, which made Sunday morning early and extremely busy.
Here's a look at just a few of the wet Baby's.
For more information regarding the Copperstate 1000 event visit
Day # 2 The weather system passed through over night. This looks more like what we are used to here in Arizona.
Before day break cars were being staged and wiped down. The cars pictured here are some of the most rare and collectable that you would find at any Concours. Hope you enjoy viewing these fantastic automobiles.

At 10:00 am all the above cars embark on a 1000 mile 4 day road rally. Some were able to make the journey, some came home on a flatbed.
After the cars left the stadium on their rally, spectators returned to the stadium to admire a number of customs and hot rods assembled by SO CAL AZ. I must tell you that SO CAL's cars were just as fantastic in their own right. Take a look for yourself, better yet, join us for the 2012 show and rally.

At the end of four days of driving, some of the cars had wasted many an insect. MoonShine        provided shade and products to all drivers who wanted to take the opportunity to remove the           road grim and bug jerky before placing their cars in the transporter.

This was a fantastic event, beginning to end. We look forward to Sponsoring the Copperstate again next year.
Until April 2012 thanks to all the participants!!

The 28th annual "Run to the Pines 
Sept 24th & 25th at Pinetop Arizona. The weather could not have been better. The venue was at the Golf course driving range which provided a lush green warm and inviting atmosphere. The crowd, well they are car people and that makes for a very friendly fun group of enthusiasts out to have a grand time and a grand time was had by all. Approximately 500 plus cars were placed from many western states.
This is a very well organized show with many hard working people making sure everything works as planned.
This show is a must attend. Hope to see you there in 2012.
Pictured below are just a few of the fabulous entries.