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MoonShine Pre-Wax Paint Cleanser

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Price: $19.99
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Item Number: 11003

MoonShine Pre-Wax Paint Cleanser


Surface preparation is the key to a great looking finish, and MoonShine Pre-Wax Paint Cleanser works like a fountain of youth for your car. This Cleanser has been carefully formulated and extensively tested to safely cleanse and enhance the gloss of your paintwork. It is the first step in a two-part system to give you a foundation for the warm, dazzling brilliance you have always wanted.


Exposure to the Earth’s elements is really tough on car finishes. MoonShine Pre-Wax Paint Cleanser is a rich lotion that will safely and gently remove acid rain and water spots, minor surface imperfections, old wax or sealants and road film. At the same time, it deep cleans and enhances the reflectivity of your paint along with preparing it for better adhesion and durability of your wax.

MoonShine Pre-Wax Paint Cleanser is not a polish, so it will not remove swirls or scratches, nor will it remove clear coats or paint. However, it will make swirls less visible by filling and rounding the edges that reflect light. It should be noted that, as your wax ages and leaves the surface unprotected, these swirls may re-appear. MoonShine Pre-Wax Paint Cleanser will not scratch or mar your finish. After using, stand back and look, then rub your fingers over the surface. You will notice a renewed and enhanced, deep reflective, smooth-as-silk finish, which is now ready for an application of MoonShine Carnauba Wax. Using these two products together as a team will give you the ultimate show car finish you’ve been looking for.


Plain Talk

  • Use before waxing to deep clean paintwork and remove old waxes, road grime and light hazing.
  • Enhances reflectivity, greatly enhances gloss and makes surface smooth as silk
  • Removes minor surface imperfections, hides minor swirls
  • Will not scratch finishes, will not stain most rubbers and plastics
  • Easy on, easy off without any white powder
  • Prepares finishes for the best wax job ever
  • Team player with MoonShine Carnauba Wax
If you would like to extract the very best look from your vehicles  paint work, you must try our cleanser and wax combination.                



A great product works best when used correctly. Failure to follow these instructions may result in unsatisfactory results.


1. Wash your car with MoonShine Car Shampoo and dry with a ShineMaker Waffle Weave Microfiber towel.

2. Park the car out of direct sunlight. The paint must be cool for best results. Shake the MoonShine Pre-Wax Paint Cleanser bottle well. Use our special foam applicator, moistened slightly with  a very light spray of MoonShine 007 Apply a small amount of pre-wax cleanser to the applicator. Work the cleanser evenly over a 2 sq.ft. area, using light to moderate pressure in a back-and-forth motion. Do not apply in a circular motion as it may enhance any already visible swirl marks.

3.  Buff lightly with a ShineMaker Aqua Microfiber towel to remove the cleanser.

4.  Because your paintwork is now naked, please do not drive your car until you have applied a coat of MoonShine Carnauba Wax.

·    It is important that you shake the bottle well before use. This product will naturally separate over time.

·    MoonShine Pre-Wax Paint Cleanser may be applied by hand or by use of a dual action polisher with a finishing foam pad. Do not use this product with a rotary polisher.

·Perfectly Clean, Streak Free Glass: To obtain the cleanest streak free glass you have ever seen, dispense a small amount of Pre-Wax Paint Cleaner to the white MoonShine applicator and apply aggressively to cool glass one panel at a time. Then remove the product immediately with a microfiber towel. You must work the applicator in back-n-forth motions to remove the old plastic off gassing film, silicone, and environmental contaminates. If the product is hard to remove three things may have occurred; 1. Too much product was used. 2. You did not apply it aggressively enough. 3. The glass was too hot. Just for fun; feel the glass before and after this operation. You will surely become a believer.

For best performance of all MoonShine products, please store at room temperature.

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